Vengeance for Asifa

  9 (Goal: 500,000)

Petitioning: Death Penalty for the All the Accused in Rape and Murder of 8 Year Asifa

Petitioner: RahulDutta started on April 17, 2018

Vengeance for Asifa

Sedated, Raped and Brutalized
The torment lasted for six days
on the 7th, they crushed her face.

Inside the house of God,
she begged him to make them stop.
The best she got was a short break,
before she was sedated, raped and brutalized again.

They ripped her flesh
and broke her legs
Raped her once again
Before stoning her to death

If her killers allowed to live
Ours lives will never be the same again.
Because to call ourselves Indians
Will become a matter of shame!

Justice is not enough
Asifa deserves vengeance!
Every one of these animals
must be exterminated.

Please sign this petition before the outrage ebbs
Asifa's Killers must not be allowed to escape!

I request every Indian to sign this petition and forward and share it with all their contacts, on every possible channel. Asifa's killers must not be allowed to escape. Every one of them must hang!