Think Beyond Just Giving Reservations

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Petitioning: Central Government

Petitioner: Petition Voice started on March 3, 2009

From top to bottom in the Indian government's hierarchy people have developed this attitude that giving reserved seats to the so-called weaker sections of the society is an end in itself. Its like giving away free-money to the less fortunate people and believing that they'll be better off just by having cash in their pockets. Cash alone, or for that matter, jobs alone have never helped in the long run. Yes, in the short run, it gives results but over a period of time the lack of skills and a lack of sound foundation of knowledge shows in either the work of the employee/student or in the overall success of the organisation. I say, instead of reserving seats in colleges and jobs, our government should think beyond giving freebies, and take more concrete (read long term) actions like providing vocational training, supporting labour-intensive, small scale industries, where people can actually produce something and earn a living. Please sign if you want to rally for the cause of the downtrodden in a real way.