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Petitioner: Asansol Peace - Humanity Comes First started on September 2, 2015


Our City, ASANSOL is the second biggest city of the West Bengal state with an urban population of over 1,243,008 citizens. It is the 39th most populated Urban Agglomeration in India. The city serves the nation with Coal, Steel, CNG Gas and Railway Locomotives. However Asansol failed to get nominated in the list of 100 Smart Cities of the Country. The reason being its institutional system is poor as there are no Medical Colleges, National level Engineering Colleges like IIT, IIIT and NIT. There are no top class B-schools or to that matter no good management schools at all. The medical facilities of the city are terrible with no Multi specialty hospitals, Other than that there are no IT parks with multinational IT companies. No international level Sports Stadiums. We, the people of Asansol want all of these in the city for the socio-economic growth of the city. Students of the city leave the city and go to other cities and states for their higher studies, as because apart from a few general degree colleges and one Engineering college there are hardly any recognized colleges. New job seekers and professionals have to leave their city and go to other cities and states to earn their living. People from other cities do not come to Asansol as it does not support them with education and jobs. As a result the economy of the city has deteriorated to an extreme extent. The infrastructure of the city is terrible with no proper city planning, open drains, no sewage management system, unplanned road network, no city beautification drive and electricity problem is rampant. Water problem is also there in many parts of the mega city. We want all these issues to be addressed, so that the pathetic condition of the second biggest city of West Bengal improves. We want development not only for the people of Asansol, rather we want development so that people from other towns and cities come to Asansol and spend their money here. The development should be constant. More and more colleges, hospitals, IT parks, hospitality sectors etc. We do not want to stay as a suburban town. We want to grow in leaps and bounces like the other big cities. Our cost of living is low compared to other cities in the state. We know that low cost of living is good but it also shows another picture, it tells us that the city is now growing big. On the other hand, our purchasing power is weak!

We are in big pain! We were once a rising industrial city of the east, in fact the entire nation. Today we are looked at as a suburban town and the most painful part is, it is not our fault!

Also, the Asansol sub-divisional Hospital has been upgraded into a District Hospital. An office of the Joint Labour Commissioner has been established; Asansol-Commissionerate has been established. A CBI court has been established wherein it exercises jurisdiction over 6 districts of West Bengal. A Bench of the West Bengal State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission having jurisdiction over 6 districts is about to be established and a foundation stone for the establishment of a District Judge court has been laid down by the honorable CM on her last visit. However Asansol has still not been declared a Smart City of India. We want Asansol to be declared as a Smart City of India!

We are one of the biggest tax paying city of the state and the country. We have been deprived of Smart City project and we have been deprived of district status. We request you all to take into consideration the points discussed above and improve the condition of the city from all corners. We want Asansol as a Smart City of India.

We need your love, support and vision to build a strong, successful and modern Asansol. Come lets dream a dream!

Your sincerely,



ASANSOL PEACE- Humanity Comes First

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