The making of a rich and peaceful country.

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Petitioning: The idea is to make a peaceful country

Petitioner: Naga charan started on November 1, 2015

The making of a rich and peaceful country.

India is best in all activities and also in corruption - small problem.
The population is leading with China population - not a problem.
And the percentage of youth is high - great benefit.

As we all know that India is a developed country, we have some important tasks to move forward globally

The main tasks are:

¤ India should have its own search engine, should give jobs to foreigners and let them work under us
¤ Spiritual and educated youth should be given the powers of ruling
¤ Indian technology field should lose all its dependance on other countries and encourage the poor countries
¤ Global spiritual press should be started
¤ Some of the websites are earning a lot of money just by useless, time-pass, corrupting type matters. They should be banned slowly.
¤ Most of us are wasting money on useless parties and ego based cults. There should be a model of partying that will be base to the whole humanity i.e. arts and science based works.
¤ A news TV channel for technology must be brought into the Indian televisions that broadcasts the shows of internet videos and its matters.
¤ Corruption should be reduced by updating the system with dynamic values of Dharma
¤ As I mentioned in the first point, our country should own some important technical fields because most of the world is dominated by unhealthy technology
¤ All these are the important points that our citizens can do.


Our education field will be modernized by the introduction of India made technology
Our spiritual field will be forming a new phase of operation that never happened before so that the superstitions die and all our citizen will be nourished by the new age spirituality
The brain of the country will be enlightened and will find peace of all ailments
The body and soul of our country is completely perfect and we work for the betterment of other countries
We welcome the new age by stopping blind beliefs to happiness.

This is my idea of my idle country.