Stop Suicides

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Petitioner: Raaj started on February 6, 2015

Stop Suicides

“Should you kill yourself, or have a cup of coffee or a cup of cool water?”
“If who is doing sins and who is commit suicide in his life, they will go to hell after their death. No one has rights to destroy their selves. We are facing problems because of our faults and wrong decisions. Then take a right way and take a right decision. We are not alone in this world. We have relations, true friends, parents, family and true god’s love. How can we leave them? Every person knows about himself. He know about his fear, struggle and his courage. His choice is his own for new life, not for death. Tears are very valuable. We know. We don’t cause to our tears. This is true. Don’t misunderstand me, I am not telling about you. But I am asking for help to stop and save who commit to suicide in your friends, relations and in your surroundings. It is my humble request. God bless you.

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