Stop caste based reservation....

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Petitioning: We The Indians

Petitioner: Vishu started on October 1, 2016

The reservation is an idea that was ignited in the minds of our forefathers and the wise people who wrote our constitution. The ideology behind this was to give an added benefit to the deprived classes of the society and help them to join the main stream crowd of the nation. But ever since the politicians brought this to the world of the politics, the whole meaning has changed. The reservation, today, is not just a perk for the deprived classes but it has been something that mars the rights of the deserved people more than anything.

Failure of the policies and selfish motives of the policy makers have led to wrong reservation procedure. Ultimately, the powerful people snatches away the desired right of the weak people and hence, the benefits are enjoyed by already prospered group. Thus, it is the need of the hour to take some decent and hard steps to eradicate this unwanted snake in the collar.

If I take a tour of the history and evaluate the decisions then, caste based reservation was never on the mind of our constitution makers. They carried a soft corner for the deprived people who were never in the decision making of the society. When the time came to elevate them, it was found that particularly, the people of that caste are more or less on the same page and this laid the foundation of the caste based reservation.

As the time change and with its evolution, it fosters few changes for the betterment of the society. Removing caste based reservation is again, one of such change we people need in India. The development of the nation can never be up taken with just the bunch of wrong people who make it to top position utilising the benefits of the reservation.