Save our Society from Ferocious Stray Dogs

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Petitioning: To peacefully relocate the ferocious stray dogs from our Apartment Complex

Petitioner: Abhishaik Ghai started on July 28, 2017

Save our Society from Ferocious Stray Dogs

The situation of stray dogs (taking shelter in our Society since long) is getting worse as the ferocity and frequency of attacks by the Stray Dogs is increasing with each passing day.

There have been more than 6 attacks in the last 4 months on the pet dogs in our Society where they have been mauled and grievously injured.The attached picture of one of the victimized dogs says it all.

There have been multiple cases of attacks on the people living in the Society as well but luckily those have been close shaves till now.

The day is not far when these dogs will shift their focus to humans instead of these pet dogs. So in the interest of the safety and well being of all the families living in our Society, i kindly request that these dogs be relocated peacefully and humanely to some dog shelter or a similar place and rid our society of the menace caused by these savage beasts.

Thanks and Regards,
Families living in The Close South,
Nirvana Country,
Sector 50,
Haryana 122018