Reqeust for the celebration of "Revolutionary day" in India as a National day!

  154 (Goal: 100,000)

Petitioning: PMO Office; President Office; Government of India

Petitioner: Green Street RWA started on September 14, 2015

Request for the inclusion of one more national festival "Revolutionary Day" in the memories of all our revolutionists like Bhagat SIngh, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Thakur Roshan SIngh, Rani Lakshmi bai, Tatya Tope etc.. who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of our mother land. Define one day like "23rd March" or so to be celebrated as "Revolutionary Day" as a national festival like 02nd Oct, 15th Aug & 26th Jan. We all know and understand that we would not have got our freedom with out sacrificing their lives. Tribute to the parents of all revolutionists for being brave and allow their kids to go out and fight for India's freedom. Humble request to Govt of India to add this as a national festival.
It was important for them to sacrifice their lives for our freedom. It is now important for us to ensure that our children and next generations remember these revolutionists for their incredible contributions for ages. This initiative will help each one of us to remind about the efforts put in by legends to gain our freedom. It will also motivate each citizen to care for the country and its people.