Rajakaluve (Storm water drain)

  55 (Goal: 100,000)

Petitioning: Revennue Department Government of Karnataka

Petitioner: Raghunath S.B started on August 25, 2016

Rajakaluve (Storm water drain)

We wish to refresh your memory and also bring to your kind notice that the issue of Rajakaluve is prevailing since several decades. We are all aware that the map reveling rajakaluve is 105 years old with the population and traffic during that period was minuscule. Keeping that in mind if kaluve is designed/ re surfaced it will be unscientific and unreasonable. It was the Government which invited people from all over and offered the land for development with BDA as developing authority. We presume so, that B D A, as developing authority with approved map endorsed by revenue department only has done layout marking, making BBMP as custodian of the properties so developed. with obviously a follow up periodical survey and published map for the convenience of property developers or owners. (There is a act as per which every some 30years survey is mandatory whereas 100 + years old map is being taken as basis, which, itself is the root cause for all these chaos. Had they done the survey and published the map timely these kind of so called encroachment would not have been there). Instead of demolishing the building irrationally and cause inconvenience to the public at large and also waste public money, it would be more appropriate to design proper drainage system interlinking existing lake beds via hume pipes and also create underground water storage system where entire rain water so collected can be treated and used for drinking purpose there by reducing the overburden on Cauvery river. This is the most scientific and appropriate solution for the present created problem.

If the demolition continues to happen it will leave the bad taste for the investors, as there will be element of doubt which arises: what will government do if, the flooding continues even after following 100 years old map. “Will they follow 500 years old map and start demolition which means Bangalore will only be forest with no buildings and if this is the kind of engineers you have them working in then how did Bangalore became silicon city, also is Government and its machinery bankable (BWSSB, BESCOM, Town planning department, BBMP, legal fraternity who have given legal opinion and banks who have approved the plans, loan, power, water systems to the vicinity or do you say all of them have abetted crime? Or if they are non bankable why pay them and waste tax payers money?) . With this back ground we request you to stop the demolition immediately and if required go for review petition to the court seeking stay which will be in the interest of public at large and also a face saving activity for the Government. Imagine if world trade centre is demolished what is the signal you are sending into International investors market. People will question “ if government cannot handle a simple SWD problem how can we invest in that State”.

I request you to take the suitable steps to end this inhuman activity, take

queue from similar case study and do the needful. Please do keep in mind

that our state is the one which gave Sir, MOKSHA GUNDAM

VISESWARIAH to the nation. He was the engineer who gave us K R S

dam by changing the path of Cauvery river and other engineering marvels

for the state and Nation.