Padma Award for Tarek Fatah

  305 (Goal: 500)

Petitioning: The President, The Prime Minister

Petitioner: Unni Nair started on November 25, 2015

Yours Excellencies,

In these days we have been hearing that many of our so called heroes, celebrities, politicians and intellectuals are fed up of this country called India and have gone to a great extent to tarnish the image of the country nationally and internationally.

We have also come across cases where a certain sitting MP has declared himself a citizen of another country as it suited him well.

These people are mostly born Indians and enjoyed the luxury and love of a vast majority of the gullible people of this land. But these ungrateful souls have contempt for their countrymen and the country which gave them sustenance, fame and wealth. Many of them got many awards and accolades not to speak of the wealth they made by fooling the gullible Indians.
Contrast this to a gentleman who was born in Pakistan and a citizen of Canada. Yes. The name is Tarek Fatah. Tarek sab calls himself an Hindustani born in Pakistan. A great lover of our culture. Tarek sab has batted for the cause of India more than any other Indians in the recent past.

He has visited India a couple of times as part of his research for this forthcoming book and has endeared Indians across the globe through social media. He minces no words while condemning Terrorism of any variety.

If anybody deserves recognition for their contribution in enhancing the image of India and telling the population of India to take pride in being a Hindustani and to be proud of our great heritage it is none other than Mr.Tarek Fatah.

We appeal to the President & PM of India to confer on him a suitable Padma Award on the Republic Day 2017.