New Indian State "Gorkhland"

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Petitioning: Citizens of Darjeeling deserve a independant new Indian state Gorkhaland

Petitioner: Akhand Bharti started on June 16, 2017

New Indian State

Post Indian Independance in 1947, Darjeeling district was merged in to West Bengal for ease of administration purpose.

The hill population largely comprise of mainly Nepali speaking ethnic population who pridely call themselves Indian Gorkhalis.
These proud Indian citizens serve India and Indian army with pride and valor and have always proved their love for India.

However, a cautious and non receptive response by the West Bengal govt to most of the demands of the People of Darjeeling has led to the need of a seperate Independant state of India for these ethnic population of Darjeeling.

Today the Mamta Banerjee led TMC Govt of West Bengal are trying to bully and arm twist the humble people of darjeeling by imposing Bengali language on them. Her act of slowly assaniating their ethinc culture has hurt these wonderful people.

The Queen of Indian Hill station is hurt because Mamta and her officials are trying to rob it of its identity. The hill belongs to the lovely people, the Army veterans of Darjeeling who have stood by Indian forces in its every battle.

I urge and request all the Indian Citizens from other states to support our Gorkhali Brothers and Sisters in their fight for justice to preserve their identity.