Negligence of native Kannada language in kasaragod

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Petitioning: To avail Kannada language in kasaragod minority group

Petitioner: Harsha Bhat started on June 6, 2015

In Kkasaragod about 50% half of peoplepopulation in total are not not understanding Malayalam to read and write. This place is home to Lakhs of people who use Kannada as their mother tongue.e Kannada groups are give all respected formalities against It is one of the special diversity that Kasaragod is proud to showcase to the world. It.We respect The Kkerala Ggovernment for identifying Kannada a linguistic minority in Kasaragod and giving some protection through new laws. t also take acts about it.But in Kkasaragod Self Ggovvernmenternment , KSRTC and other Ggovernment bodiespeoples are making sever damage to the culture by not respecting the rich tradition and language. They try to suppress the feeling of Kannada population. We believe even Kannadigas have same rights are Malayalies to practice their own mother tongue. We too pay large amount of taxes to uplift the government activates hence we deserve what we want. It is our request to use both Kannada and Malayalam in Kasaragod District to help all communities. Using English is also welcomed because, all educated persons will definitely know English. Not take any acts and they don’t take any interest to avail Kannada notices to citizens.

Government orders
1. To Availavail electricity bills in two languages in Kkannada and Malayalam, it is suggested to add / English
2. To use addK kannada place boards in KSRTC/KURTC buses or any government vehicles which is used in Kasaragod.
3. To use Kannada sign boards and information boards in all government offices, Hospitals, Banks, Police stations, Post offices, Grama Panchayath offices, any public relation offices and all government service centers like Akshya center.
travels from Kasaragod to other places of kasaragod.
43. Appoint people who know both Kkannada and Malayalam in this region known peoples in for all government offices, Hospitals ,Hospitals, Banks, Police stations, Post offices, Grama Panchayath offices, any public relation offices and all government service centers like Aakshya center.
4. And now add kannada place board in low floor buses
5.5. Give a special respecttreat to Kkannada speaking population peoples of Kkasaragod and consider it as linguisticas minority group.
6. Any government schemes or applications has to be converted to Kannada too and given to people so that they can understand the material.
HORRIBLE CONDITIONBut now in kasaragodKasaragod
1. Tthe elecricityelectricity bills are supplied in malayalamMalayalam languages (now in some villages elecctricityelectricity bill in Kkannada and malayalamMalayalam is available).
2. no kKannada place boards have not been used in low floor buses and some KSRTC buses.
3. Very fefew Kkannada known peoples in GOVERNMENT OFFICES AS WELL AS HOSPITALS,AND government offices, hospitals, banks, police stations, post offices, grama panchayath offices, any public relation offices and all government service centers like akshya center.
4. Nno special or any reservations to Kkannada known peoples.
5. Using onlyMAKING OF malayalamMalayalam as government language in kasaragodKasaragod is opposedSTRICTLY PROHIBITED by all Kkannada groups in kasaragodKasaragod. Many online groups in social Medias like “kasaragodKasaragod Kkannada Snehitharu” ULISI facebookFacebook group and “Ggadinada kKaannadigaru” whatsappWhatsApp group are examplesIS WORKING FOR IT.
6. weWe expectWANT good response which can provide justice to Kannada population of KasaragodFROM YOURS SIDE PLEASE PROVIDE IT. from your “Bbhashavaru Aadalita Ppaddati” the poor native people of Kasaragod are devoid of all government Schemes because of lack of proper use of suitable language which people of Kasaragod can understand, In this case it is BOTH KANNADA AND MALAYALAM. GET INJURIED.

Our questions to the government of Kerala
Our question is, why you have not taken any DON’T TAKE ANY suitable actions to understand feelings of people of Kasaragod?
It is a total negligence by Kerala government on Kasaragod.
If we won’t get justice from you, we will definitely go ahead to meet our beloved prime minister of India, Sri Narendra Modi, and we will definitely put forward our requests which reflects the feelings of Lakhs of Kannada speaking people of Kasaragod to him, we are sure he will help us.
But it will always good that you take action first.
We are asking this for the total development of Kasaragod because to give proper governance you need to reach each and individual people with a language that the people can understand. Hence it is not for any personal purposes.
Once again we will make it clear that we, Kasaragod Kannada population is not against Malayalam, We respect it, but our request is to use both languages in equally in Kasaragod, with equal respect and importance to both languages.NECESSAROY ACTS AGAINST IT ? WHO DON’T TAKE ANY CARE ABOUT PEOPLES OF KASARAGOD ?
This cry will reach its highs soon and we will come with strong protest against total negligence and failure of Kerala Government to understand feelings of tax paying population of Kasaragod.ARE YOU DON’T HEAR THE CRY OF KASARAGODIANS ?

After all of these request and protests from past 60 years, there is very little response from Kerala Government, now that we have new way to communicate with people through internet, we will use it to the best. We are inspired by the tremendous work done by Central government under the leadership of Sri Narendra Modi, we expect the same kind of speedy response from local governments too. So please maintain your standards and come out of negligence and corruptionthese are done by ourside but no resul.i request you to get this file as good to your knowledge and take nessasssary action as soon as possible.iwe are waiting to your voice as soon.please give the right of languag to kasaragod peoples.
Our focus is to make India a developed country and a world Guru in all sense. We love Bharat, Jay Hind.
Tthanking you
01/06/2015 YOURS FAITHFULLYyours sincerely
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