Land dispute of sector 107 home petition

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Petitioning: Sector 107 noida land under dispute of noida authority.

Petitioner: Pramod started on March 25, 2015

I have paid money to the builder great value Sharnamflagroup for a house in their sharnam project sector 107 noida. Land sold by noida authority to builder, and builder constructed the house. At the time of possession when I have made 100% payment to builder. Notice has come from high court Allahabad that this land is not been allotted to noida authority. I am fail to understand what kind of law available in our country that construction was going on since last 5 years with no claim by anyone and as building is ready and buyer has paid 100% money land become disputed. WHERE THE BUYERS ARE WRONG. LOOKING FOR JUSTIFICATION FOR MY HARD EARNED MONEY.