Injustice in Gujarat

  7 (Goal: 10,000)

Petitioning: Supreme Court of India

Petitioner: Riyank started on August 29, 2015

Injustice in Gujarat

Anamat’ was originally supposed to be implemented in India for few years with a sole purpose to increase the literacy rate amongst the country. ‘Anamat’ has not been abolished since it was originally implemented throughout India; the literacy rate has not been sky rocketing since then but now ‘Anamat’ is creating havoc in parts of India as many citizens have felt injustice.
Due to Other Backward Castes (OBC) status invokes affirmative action which provides reserved quotas in education and government jobs. In Gujarat, 27% of seats are reserved for OBC, 7.5% for Scheduled Castes, and 15% for Scheduled Tribes for a total of 49.5% of all seats. The Supreme Court has capped the maximum reservation at 50% in their 1992 judgement.
The youths of Patidar community, who are also identified with their surname Patel, started public demonstrations across Gujarat starting July 2015. They were supported by Sardar Patel Sevadal, an organization for community service. The youth seek Other Backward Class status for community to get reservation in government jobs and education. The youth formed Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) for the purpose headed by Hardik Patel.
August 25th 2015, more than half a million people attended the Kranti Rally taking place in GMDC ground, Ahemedabad. The members of community carried out procession and presented the memorandum of their demands to the District collector. Hardik Patel who led the rally declared to go on hunger strike with few others demanding the CM Anandiben Patel personally to be present there to receive the memorandum.
Hardik Patel was then arrested as he did not have the permission to stay on the ground after the rally. Shortly after the arrest, as people were returning home, the stadium was suddenly stormed with hundreds of cops with weapons such as bamboo sticks, guns and other, they randomly started attacking the innocent people at the rally. The random attacks on innocent citizens has led to violent riots all around Gujarat. In this the protectors of the citizens have turned into predators, hunting down the people they are there for.
Recently, many CCTV footages along with recordings by citizens has shown the brutal situation in parts of Gujarat. In the footage, cops are clearly seen smashing people’s cars, two wheelers, and many innocent citizens- consisting of men, women and children. So far ten deaths have been confirmed and many seem to be still missing and injured.

When protectors turn into predators where do the citizens go to seek help?
The sole purpose of this petition is to seek justice and peace for those innocent lives who suffered as a result of these events.