Fight against bank's authority

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Petitioning: To ensure that while we deposit out money in banks its to keep them safe.

Petitioner: Avi Panwar started on July 15, 2017

I have been a victim of bank's authoritarian policies, being a student they ask me to keep an amount of atleast ₹5,000 in my bank account which for me isn't an amount that is handy. Being a student i tend to keep my little savings in my savings bank account in State Bank of India and what do they do ? They devit my account for not mantaining enough funds in my accounts ! I didn't sign up for this. They didn't tell me that either i have to keep a safe deposit on their benches otherwise I'll have to pay a rent in the name of fine for keeping my money with them. Its just not me, I've come around many students who hail from small backgrounds, we're students i own a student's account I can't affort to give this remt evey month for not having enough funds with me.
I belive this practice needs to be stopped which hampers our social and economic existence. I supported the digital india movement but this step is forcing me to go back to hard currency and abstain keeping my money in bank as we've limits on atm transactions in our own bank's atm, for not keeping enough funds ! What policies are we heading to ? This is anti-public policy. This need to be heard and terminated ASAP.
I hope you guys will support me.