Equality to Women

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Petitioning: Give Equality to Women and a child should be known by name of mother like Father

Petitioner: Ishant started on June 1, 2017

Hello Everyone..

I am a citizen of India and grow in this great country. But today i want to draw all of your attention aqnd our Judicisory system to main imporatant point i.e. A CHILD SHOULD KNOW BY NAME OF MOTHER.

With the passage of time I realise that when ever we call a child, we firstly call to him/her by name of his/her father. (KIS KA BETE HO AP?) Even If we fill any form in any sector firstly name of father is ask.

According me, When a mother give birth to any child, In this according to me, role of mother is higher. She keep a baby for nine months in her womb. Bear all difficulty, Feed him/her for nine month, give a place in her body. But at the end we say this child is give by his/her father efforts.

According to Science, a baby birth only possible when a sperms of male is attached with egg of mother i.e. equal contribution of both male and female. but when we say it is possible only due to male.It is completely male dominancy.

Suppose a women cant release egg, so how a male can give birth to child.. is it possible? No. Never.. So both efforts are require..But after that a women keep him/her and feed her, bear lot of difficulty.

So According to me, if any child is called or his/her name is called by any one, then name of father and mother both are called equally..IN ANY FORM BOTH FATHER AND MOTHER NAME EQUALLY WRITTEN.

Our Judicial system put light on my this statement and in every sectors and in any form, made compulsory to write name of mother also.

Thank you

A Citizen of India