Go Left Save Life : Demand to end the delay of Ambulance on Road :

  418 (Goal: 10,000)

Petitioning: Delhi Government, Central Government

Petitioner: Prof. Nitin Arora started on September 2, 2016

Go Left Save Life : Demand to end the delay of Ambulance on Road :

ABHIMANYU (Go Left, Save Life) is a student led social campaign to stand for the rights of Ambulance and the sheer importance of giving way to ambulance on road to reduce the time taken in reaching to a patient or a hospital.

On behalf of Amity International Business School, (AIBS), I am writing to request to join our campaign cum social Initiative. The key volunteers will run and steer the campaign through various modes of communications taking help of citizens in and around NCR.

During the campaign, AIBS organize on ground drills and activities to coordinate commuters with ambulance movement. The campaign will bring out unique perspectives and messages about the ambulance sensitive issue in public domain. The campaign offers its partners an opportunity to focus attention on these specific messages within the broader context of the optimizing the movement of ambulance and realizing a vision of green corridor for ordinary citizens. This collaborative effort can give each of us a fair means to focus on our common societal objectives "timely reaching to hospital or patient location" in a way that our individual activities seldom can ever achieve.

The Campaign aims the following three fold objectives :

1. To reduce the travel time of ambulance to minimize the casualties of patients on road.

2. To coordinate movement of ambulance, volunteers, scarecrows, & traffic police.

3. To connect the missing dots in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Government Social Responsibility (GSR) and Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) w.r.t this dire basic need of “caring patients on road”.

The campaign seeks support from Individuals, and responsbile citizens and officials of the country. One kargil war had almost 400 deaths but in India almost 400 plus dies every day in a road accident and no one is bothered. Ambulance tries to help those victims but fails many times due to delay in reaching to victim location or hospital on time.

Thank you for your time and signing the petition . Please join our campaign at www.facebook.com/GoLeftSaveLife