Cricket in India is in Peril; Save it with All Your Might

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Petitioning: Indians and Friends of India

Petitioner: Cricket in India started on May 16, 2010

Dear Friends,
Cricket is an unspoken religion of all Indians. It is now in peril; let us save it with all our might.
Let us ask ourselves if we have some time and commitment to get-together in this crusade to help our players and BCCI in a most effective manner in the interest of Cricket in India.
1. Can we help our players to play to win matches for the country?
2. Can we help the BCCI to select right players?
If you think, we can,
Please sign the petition below, this will be sent to all players requesting them to take necessary measures to improve their performance like keeping fit, observing discipline and developing instincts to win matches. BCCI is also requested to make their selection process transparent and select match winning teams. We will give six months to players and BCCI to put their act to-gather. If they fail to respond, we shall do the following:
1. Not buying any merchandise promoted or advertised by Players
2. Stop watching cricket matches, thereby depriving BCCI of money they receive at the gate.

Please join together to support this resolve. Players like Sachin, Dravid, Ganguly and Kumble were forced to retire by the BCCI by dropping and embarrassing them on various occasions. They are sitting at home watching Indian team getting massacred at the world cup. Shame to BCCI
Your cooperation is the key to make some changes in Cricket in India.
Dr Ranjit S Sumra, Manchester, UK