Create Safer Roads in India

  37 (Goal: 50,000)

Petitioning: Prime minister of India and President of India

Petitioner: Create safer roads in India started on January 3, 2016

SRI VIDYA KENDRA , THE SMART SCHOOL Machohalli Bengaluru under association with YSA & UL India PVT ltd conducted several audits on road safety.
The problems identified during the audit are as follows:
• Piles of unattended garbage
• Haphazard parking of vehicles as there are no sign boards.
• Motorists are reluctant to wear helmets
• Drivers are not bothered to wear seatbelts
• Usage of mobile phones while riding/driving
• No traffic police or signal to bring discipline and safety.
• Pedestrians are walking on the street as there are no side walks and cross walks
• Broken foot paths and pavement with lot of potholes
These problems have led to the increase in number of accidents. To combat this problem,
we have started a campaign along with this petition for asking Prime Minister and the President of India to ensure a stronger road safety law and introduce it in Parliament. The only law governing road safety in India is the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 which has not been effective. The amendment proposed to this law in 2012 does not solve the current situation on Indian roads.We need a new law that includes:
> Pedestrian Safety
> Punishment or heavy penalties against aggressive behaviour of riders/drivers
> Road safety education should be made mandatory in the curriculum
> Transparent and efficient process for getting a license
> Quality pavement

We ask all the Indians to give their support by signing this petition to push for these measures to be implemented as soon as possible.


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