Confirmed Lower Births in trains for senior citizens

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Petitioning: Irctc, Indian Railways

Petitioner: Nayakaa started on December 12, 2017

I believe with age it becomes difficult for our elders to climb up to middle or upper births in the train compartment. They don't want to lose their diginity and try to climb. Sometimes they make it up easily and at times fail. My father was in a similar situation and was trying to climb to the upper birth in Rajdhani, I could see he was not comfortable going up but none of the youngsters offered him their lower births(shamefull). Anyways he tried a few times and then literally slipped fortunately I was there and held him stopping the fall or he might have been badly injured.

This is request to the Indian Railways for seat allocation to be re considered and all senior citizens travelling on trains to be offered with a lower birth. Even if they board from a different station in the journey the TC should make sure they are allowed to used the lower birth.

Everyone gets old and we need to respect their age. They will not show how weak they are but, it's for us to understand.