Bengaluru - Diversity Capital

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Petitioning: Bangalore

Petitioner: Jinso Joseph Parakkal started on July 14, 2015

Bengaluru - Diversity Capital

Bengaluru is turning out to be the most desired migrant location in India and Internationally for educative purposes and healthy employment environments. This city has grown into a felling that is loved by any Indian. India is a peacefully existing nation with its rich variety of diversity. And Bengaluru is a nutshell example for this diversity.

I.T has grown into a promising sector in employment. Every state and union territories have renowned names linked with this city of diversities. We celebrate all diversities and live like a big family that party hard and work harder.

Migrants made this city into what it is today.

A mega event is planned in this regard. To declare and celebrate this wonderful cause. This name will add another shinning feather to Bengaluru's already glowing hat.

"Diversity Capital of India"

The city is here by proposed to be named 'The Diversity Capital of India.'

Every signature matters, every opinion matters and what matters should make noise as loud as possible.

Please vote and spread this to the farthest extent.