Banning the Hydrocarbon & Petrochemical Projects @ Tamilnadu

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Petitioning: PM of India, CM of Tamilnadu

Petitioner: Khaleel Baaqavee started on March 29, 2018

Banning the Hydrocarbon & Petrochemical Projects @ Tamilnadu

The Central Government has been continuously engaged in converting natural resources into oil wells in and around Cauvery River irrigation beds and throughout Cauvery delta districts of Tamil Nadu.

The Government of Tamil Nadu and the Government of Tamil Nadu have decided to set up 57,345 acres of land in 45 villages in Cuddalore and Nagapattinam districts to set up a petrochemical zone. 24 hydro carbon wells will be constructed in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry for 2,40,000 sq km.

If the project comes into operation, the entire Cauvery irrigation zone cannot be avoided to become a desert. Cauvery delta areas that are affected by environmental damage will be drought. Farmers and social activists have warned that groundwater will be affected by sea water.

Considering the growth of the country, it cannot criticize the research and production of oil resources. Rather, the destruction of precious agricultural resources would be like to proverb, “Buying an amazing art in returns of Precious Eyesight”

Therefore, the central government should cancel all hydrocarbon & petrochemical projects, including projects already implemented in Cauvery irrigation schemes and newly announced schemes. Cauvery irrigation districts are declared as protected areas of agriculture and should be done to help farmers to grow.

The Government of Tamil Nadu will have to strongly oppose these projects by the Central Government. The Central Government must cancel the sanction of this project affecting the livelihood of Farmers and all Tamil people.

- Parangipettai Kaleel Baaqavee
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This request raised with a signatory campaign and the copy of the same has been sent to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister's Secretariat, the Tamil Nadu government's request, district governors, Tamil ministers, legislators, parliamentarians and parliamentarians, political parties, social movements and welfare organizations and media.