Back door ship ticket issue in Lakshadweep

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Petitioning: Administrator

Petitioner: SAJEED started on March 29, 2016

The Honorable Administrator

Respected Sir,

Sub:- Action against backdoor issue of ship tickets-submitted- reg

With profound respect and honor I hereby submit the following few lines for your kind consideration and early favorable action.
We know that Lakshadweep people are mainly using ships for their journey to mainland and back. In all ships some quota systems are also exist for medical and government purpose. But some of the officers are blocking tickets beyond the quota limits. This kind of blocking is badly effect the availability of the tickets to local people.

Here one of the incidence I explain with proof, yesterday (27.3.2016) the tickets of MV corals for its voyage from Kavaratti to Kochi on 13.04.2016 were released at 10.00 AM. But before 09.30am it was shown in Lakshadweep website that First class tickets are sold out and only waiting list tickets are available, that means before issuing tickets all first class tickets were blocked by authorities. I hereby enclose the screen shot of above said ships ticket availability that I took at 09.25Am from Lakshadweep website.
I hope you will look the matter seriously and take necessary action against this kind of issues.

Thanking you sir,