Ardee City Gurugram to be handed over to MCG, registry & direct DHBVN Connection

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Petitioner: Deeps started on April 20, 2018

Ardee City Gurugram to be handed over to MCG, registry & direct DHBVN Connection

Ardee City residents are facing trouble due to lack of maintenance of roads, parks, lights and there is absolutely no security in the area. Even after so many years builder does not have partial completion and so many flat are without registry. Builder is not providing any maintenance and harassing current residents as well as new residents who have recently purchased house in the area.

Basic amenities like garbage collection, regular electricity, proper roads, dispensary, school, play ground, parks etc are denied to the residents.

Illegal/Unauthorized charges being forced on new home owners for providing basic livelihood amenities like Electricity, Water & Sewer by society builder Ardee Infrastructure Pvt Ltd / Ardee Maintenance Services (Sec-52 , Gurugram)

When any new house owner apply for Electricity and Water connection for they forced us to pay 2.23 Lacs , below are the details of charges which Ardee management is forcing to pay before getting electricity & water in houses:

1) Total amount they are asking is INR 2,23,680/- i.e 2.23 Lacs. With below breakup

INR 1,48,680/- i the form of 1 single DD (Ardee Infrastructure management)

a. Electricity Meter/Connection - INR 1,00,000/- i.e 1 Lac

b. Water connection – INR 20,000/-

c. Sewer Connection – INR 6,000/-

d. 18% GST applied on above break-up.

· INR 75,000/- in another DD under the name of maintenance services as deposit (Non-refundable) The builder is illegally charging this amount without any paperwork explanation about the deposit.

2) None services are being installed until we pay the whole amount of INR 2,23,680/-, altogether. There is no formal paperwork/receipts for this unauthorized transactions. Ardee management is demanding this money in form of 2 separate DD without any breakup in receipt.

3) In addition to above, the builder is Forcing us to sign an Indemnity bond on notarised stamp paper, to agree not to raise any disputes or legal cases against the Ardee management for the charges being applied. This is truly unfair to us that in order to get electricity & water facilities in our home we are made to go through all such illegal activities/Practices.

Registered company details of the builder are as below :

Ardee Maintenance Services Pvt. Ltd./ Ardee Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Gopal Das Bhawan

28, Barakhamba Road

New Delhi -110001