Against " RNM " harassment " right to privacy is fundamental right"

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Petitioning: to Kajal Kanti Dey & Prathik Dey who using RNM to Harash

Petitioner: Kun983 started on September 10, 2017


Sub: Information about antisocial person
DEY ) , they harass people by RNM ( Remote
Neural Monitoring brain controle thought this RNM machine)

R/ Sir ,
I would like to inform you that , I am (kunal Rai ) living in Kolkata , my born and brought up in here Kolkata. This person ( kajal kianti Dey ) have 2 piece of RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring ) & 1 piece of RNM he gave to his Brother-in- law (Pratik Dey urf Souvik Dey ). (Kajal kanti Dey’s sister name is kakoli Dey ( but I don’t know she have this RNM or not )
Past 2 year and 6 month I have been tortured by them by varies way like ( voice to skull , memory kill, view victim’s eyes , listen& slang words use against me, body itching , illness , forced sleep, forced wake, High heat, Mentally torture, hamper in my job ,In my comparative exams & my personal data information etc, they Hampering my life by RNM (Machine )which is connect to Human Brain (frequency level )through satellite.

They harass lot’s of Female’s in Kolkata & in our locality by Sexually ( Through Visual cortex of Victim’s Eyes they can see ) and some Valgur sensation by this RNM (Machine ). They are doing this kind of antisocial activity since 10 or more year’s and still doing harassing people, no body get to know what is it , and they(victims) can’t do anything because they don’t have any evidence or they don’t know how to get evidence, that’s why their victim’s are not able to do anything.
When I was suffering with this connection(RNM) , then I searched in internet and I have come to know that this machine (RNM) stands for” REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING “have such features through which I have been tortured by them , these person’s (kajal kanti Dey & Pratik Dey urf Souvik Dey) using this kind of Bioelectro Magnetic weapon called RNM machine.

When I got know all this things happen with me & other people in kolkata , then they threaten me by this connection (via Ear bypass: which is a feature of RNM to communicate with the Victim’s with the silent slow sound ) that they can spoil my life , if I am going to take any action on it or tell any body. But I tried to reveal them that’s why they started torturing me all the time , when I lost my passion ,I told him (kajal kanti Dey) to stop harassing me with the connection of RNM (machine) ,but he were totally denied and pretend me as he don’t know about what I said to him of this connection of RNM( RNM) Suddenly after that when he went his house in panic he cut the connection for a while but again after half an hour , he & his brother-in-law started harassing me like the same what they have been doing before. When I search in Internet and got to know what is it and trying to reveal it then they make a plan against me , to make me angry, where I do a mistake to hurt him physically then they will going to take a action (FIR) against me and make me as a accuse and the will be safe from me , unfortunately same thing happen , In temper when I do attack on him just because I have no further option to do anything , no body believing me what I said to them about this matter ( this is a Bioelectro Magnetic weapon technology which is generally not use in Kolkata civil area) so maybe that’s a reason to not understanding people as well as my family, what I actually want to tell them, But when I accused as a attacker (which is actually shown to police more then what I have done ) , They charged me a case IPC326 ( targeted to jail for 10 years ) at the same time they were trying to non bell process but it can’t be possible because God with me, right now that case is converted to IPC 324 and that time with the God gress I came out from the jail in 14 days through Interim bell (right now my bell is conform), just because I got know all their antisocial activity, they were feel insecure from me so they were tortured me and making my life as hell till to present.
They generally target to female’s and sexually use this RNM (machine) to harass and torture them, some Minister and VIP’s information they have been observed by this connection of RNM( machine) as for Entertainment of themself.
This Machine (RNM) can’t be detect by any normal way (necessary equipment oscillating scanners etc help to detect the interference of this connection ) , So I am humbly requesting you that please ask about RNM(Machine) to “ ISRO” or “DRDO” related person who know about “ RMN “or any scientist or professors , who know or can search out about this matter,
I am a victim & I do search in internet about this and I found all the information about this RNM (machine) , which I have suffered a lot with the connection of their RNM (machine) have same features what I observed in internet.

Right now I am helpless sir kindly do the proper action and I am requesting you to please call me for a short meeting of this matter , If you want to know more properly , actually I want
highlight to the upper level officer’s of Defense Ministry about them. I am hoping that you will support me to fight against this kind of antisocial people. This person’s doing antisocial activity just because not body understand how “RNM’’ works , his father (KANAI KANTI DEY ) make invented RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring) but he( KAJAL KANTI DEY & PRATIK DEY ) are using it in bad way which is can’t be acceptable.
He work in a bank in Kolkata , please check his attendance record of 6 month in his office, he is not able to come office properly in panic just because I knew all his activity & I am going to reveal him that’s why he torturing me by RNM( machine) all the time and even night also & still doing it till present.

help me and raise my Voice against this kind of antisocial , violence , harassment , torture against women’s and people in Kolkata (dum dum & sodepur) , which is against Law.

(Kajal Kanti Dey & Pratik Dey urf Souvik Dey ) both generally shows their character in public as a wise person but actually they are not, both are a Poisson in human’s life . They have 3 piece of RNM , which is very dangerous in human’s life .
Some detail’s & pictures I did attached with this application/article about RNM

Details of the person’s who have RNM (machine )
(M) : +918276909442 PRATIK DEY URF SOUVIK DEY