33 years struggle of a poor widow to get family pension from odisha government

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Petitioning: Secretary School & Mass Education Department & The Chief Minister Odisha state

Petitioner: Satyanarayana Murthy Tamma started on January 25, 2015


Under Secretary to the Government
School and Mass Education department
Odisa state

SUB: - Release of - family pension – T. Ratnamala – pending since 1981- providing rehabilitation assistance by providing suitable Job to one of my son - requested - Regarding

I, Tamma Ratnamala w/o late Krishna Murthy ex-teacher, Parlakhemundi Municipality beg to bring the few lines for your kind consideration and necessary immediate steps.

My husband late Krishna Murthy worked as non-government fully-Aided primary school teacher under Parlakhemundi municipality who worked nearly 24 years and died on 09/10/1981 while in service. The government has not sanctioned family pension to me till today i.e., more than 3 decades.

1. I may state that finding helpless for want of knowledge in local language I left from Parlakhemundi and had been to my native place, after the death of my late husband. Although I made several representations for my legitimate claim of dues I was not favored with any help from any corner. In fact I applied to the D.I of schools for grant of pension in 1994 which application was forwarded to the Controller of Accounts as well as Accountant General of Orissa since the pension was not given, and as per the direction of Accountant general Orissa I had approached the Hon'ble High Court of Orissa vide O.J.C No 9031/1999 (copy of the Judgment enclosed) by judgment dated 22/07/1999.

2. I may state that the Hon'ble High Court of Orissa pleased to direct the authorities to release my family pension as entitled from the year 1988 within Three months from the date of my application for the purpose. Pursuant on the directions of the Hon'ble Court I made an application but unfortunately my application was not considered, it is nothing but in clear disobedience to the directions of the Hon'ble High Court. I approached the Hon'ble Human Rights commission who has again directed the authorities to release my family pension by clearly en-lighting the provision under which Act I am entitled to.

3. It may be stated that the Hon'ble Human Rights commission clearly indicated that I am eligible to get the family pension as per the resolution of the Government of Orissa No. 19434-II-E:B-34/66 dated 22.07.1966 (Triple Benefit Scheme) (copy of the clarification enclosed). But the A.G of Orissa addressed me a letter that the Government preferred a Special leave Petition vide SLP CC 5993-6054 of 2005 before the Honourable Supreme court of India and whereas Interim Stay was Granted, but in the said S.L.P I was not a party and there is no STAY against me.

4. I may state that while the things stood thus recently I came to know that there is a resolution passed by your department vide SME-A-12/09 9708/SME DT 19/06/2009 and all the pensioner pre-2006 were comes into that resolution including O.P.R-1977 and controller of accounts is the authorized department for that resolution.

5. I may state that my husband died on 09/10/1981 and prior to family pension rules-1982 which comes into force from 01/04/1982 and I did not understand why the controller of accounts department did not considered my file basing on O.P.R-1977. & Resolution No. 19434-II-E:B-34/66 dated 22.07.1966 (Triple Benefit Scheme) and which is the correct rule to consider my application and which department is authorized to settle my case.

6. I beg to submit that apart from the family pension my application for rehabilitation assistance by providing a suitable job to one of my sons filed in the year 1994 is still pending with a bald assurance that the same would be considered along with release of family pension. Few lines for the purpose consider of my application i.e., at the time of my husband’s death I was aged 28 years and my sons were aged 6 years and 4 months respectively, now my elder was became 36 years old and younger was 30 years, no assistance has been provided till date.

7. I may state that I have filed a writ petition before the Hon'ble High Court of Odisha vide OJC No. 9031/1999 and also filed petition before Hon’ble state Human Rights Commission, aggrieved by the said orders there is no Appeal / revision preferred by the Government so far.

In these circumstances I request you to consider my case by complying the directions of the Hon'ble High Court of Orissa in releasing the family pension and consider the circumstances and provide a job to one of my sons under rehabilitation assistance for which act of kindness apart from I highly grateful, would like to impress upon you that a family would recover from distress who is struggling for no fault of them selves

Thanking you sir yours obediently