Support for children with special needs in all schools in Rajasthan

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Petitioning: Schools in Rajasthan

Petitioner: Sonali Saxena started on September 11, 2017

My son got admission last year in lkg in balwadi in few months he was diagnosed with ADHD and autism and comes under child with special needs.he requires a special educator to teach him and I have been requesting the principal and administration for the same since 1 and a half years.Result is he is on papers in UKG and sitting in LKG and not learning a single thing in his class.I was insulted by the Principal Ms Pratima Sharma and the staff(Ms Natasha) when I wanted to pursue the matter with them was told to change the school.The principal said that for her 90 percent kids I are more important than 10 Percent studying with disabilities in the school if one leaves the school 50 more will join as the school is reputed one.i am a divorced Parent non working affording Special Educator privately is not possible I am paying full fees of the school.CBSE has through circulars made it clear that kids with Special needs will be given support by school it's mandatory.i am really perturbed and disturbed about the future of my child and others studying in Bhavan's Vidyashram school opposite dainik Bhasker office LM Munshi Road Jaipur,please support my battle and advise.thankyou