Save the next Prdyuman

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Petitioning: Royal international school negligence took one innocent childs life

Petitioner: Indianlady started on September 15, 2017

In early morning the child is dropped by his father does not reach the class goes to the washroom gets killed.

Unbelievable story of Royal international school gurgram India .The child who died was not a child of royal pinto or bollywood starts so there will not be any immediate action taken against the school.The school where the crime took place should be suspended in order to give justice to the killed pradyuman the school must suffer the financial loss for the loss they have given to the family and to the country.
The school keeps male Bus conductor where as it is preffered in all the schools that female bus conductor should be kept.The school does not have the CCTV camera working properly they take 1 lakh form each student for getting them raped or killed this is second time the mystry of child deiying in royal international school has come up .

Royal International Schools should be banned from operation
There should be a check done in all the school all across India to see the Cctv and staff aointed does not drink or smoke etc

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