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Petitioner: PAV started on July 9, 2017

Respected Sir, Sub: SAVE MY FAMILY- Reg I am ME(CSE) graduate working in private organization.I am come from very poor family of two girl child.My father is labor in textile loom factory.I studied with education loan.Now bank forcing me to pay the loan amount back.Every month I am paying regularly but till i am not cleared my interest yet now. My only heartiest request is too reduce my loan amount by half. LOAN DETAIL BANK NAME: INDIAN BANK, KOMARAPALAYAM BRANCH. ACC NUMBER:870166758 UG STUDY LOAN NUMBER: 879690639 PG STUDY LOAN NUMBER: 6227032895 Actually i got Rs.1,38,000 FOR loan number:879690639 and Rs.80,000 for loan number:6227032895 totally 1,38,00080,000=Rs.2,18,000(approx). for my both degree. Nearly i paid 50000 interest totally for this both loan back.. but the loan amount is not getting reduce.. They put highest interest of 13 for both loan. Now i have Rs.2,76,996 pending in both the loan amount. My question is that i got Rs.2,18,000/- amount for my study, Nearly i paid Rs.50,000 back to bank. But till i have balance of Rs.2,76,996...???? Sir, How could i pay this much amount,? Really i not able to pay this much amount. As a single girl child, my family entire finance is depend only on my salary,for that till i not got marry too.And i am giving education to my younger sister. So please reduce my loan due,i am only able to pay 50,00050,000 for both loan.Please consider this petition sir,As a citizen of India surely i will never cheat our government.My family is fully stressed my by this dues.Please reduce my loan due and save my family.. HELP ME SIR, I have no way. Please reduce my loan due sir, This is my contact number:91 8220463504 I PROMISED ONCE YOU REDUCED MY LOAN DUE AS HALF. NEXT DAY I WILL CLEAR ALL MY DUE. Otherwise I Cant do... Please help me. My family really suffering lot,everyone know well, now a day looms are not running.. so we are in very critical help me sir,. From our government do me this help sir,please. help me sir