INLEAD Teaching Profession - Behaving Unprofessional!

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Petitioning: Indian Institution of Learning & Advanced Development

Petitioner: Nitin Narang started on February 21, 2017

It has been years now, I still have not received our security back. I am an ex-INLEAD 2013 batch.
INLEAD is asking their students to get their degree's from Mewar university, Rajasthan and they can not provide it at the institution (which was never mentioned to any student before). How unprofessional can an institution be? and they teach you about professionalism in their classes.

After continuous emails and phone calls, i have got no positive revert from them and i am tired of running behind. They charge a fine of Rs 500 for late submission of fee for 1 day and not paying back the security even after years, i am not expecting any interest on the amount but yes, at least i can expect what is mine and i have all rights on it.

It has come to my notice that the INLEAD administration has refused to give the security back, reason being it has been absorbed in one of the courses in INLEAD - feedback by an ex-INLEADER

This is a request to my fellow friends and ex-Inleaders, who are still chasing them for their documents, degree and Security amount. Please sign this petition and tell them we're not alone.
We will do whatever possible to get our money back.