Abolish of Pro rata method in Gujarat in Medical Admission from 2017

  2 (Goal: 50)

Petitioning: ministry of Health departement of Gujarat, dean of B J Medical, Govt of Gujarat

Petitioner: Lalu Karsara started on March 8, 2017

We hear that Govt of Gujarat had announce Pro rata continue in Admission in medical on bases of NEET Rank. This is worst and political decision taken by minister and gov of Gujarat and BJP. This is totally grab the Constitutional rights of students as EQUALLITY in same state and syllabus course. This is totally try to saves his VOTE bank in Gujarat by the the govt.
My points are as below.
1. Gujarat States only having a PRO RATA METHOD in admission in medical. all over india given only single window system. there have no pro rata in the state between boards students. then why BJP Ministry in Gujarat state applied to Pro rata in Gujarat ?.
2. From June 16 onward Gujarat Government had changed his syllabus of Gujarat Board for Class 11 & 12 equalling to CBSE syllabus. Even though Gujarat board text book is batter then CBSE Text Book.
So No question for different syllabus from CBSE board.
3. Sufficient Time given to all the students for batter preparation from June 16 to May 17 approx 10 months.
So No quation for not sufficient time given to Gujarat board students.
4. From 2008 to till 2016, where Gujcet is applied which is based on Gujarat board syllabus in this time CBSE students had suffered because actual defer the syllabus from Gujarat Board and CBSE. At that time system of Pro rata is batter for students prospects. But now syllabus is same for Gujarat board and CBSE then why they want to pro rata continue still continue?
5. As per verdict for NEET there is QUOTA SYSTEMs are abolish only reservation category ration applied. Only Single Rank (NEET rank of state ) base admission to Medical & Dental irrespective of Board because all the board have same syllabus. Why Gujarat Govt U turned from his declaration in Dec 16 which is NO PRO RATA in medical statement.
6. Language problems already solve by the SC. But I think only need knowing of Local language not study of Medical in Gujarati. So this is mandatory for English for education in Medical.
7. abolish the Pro rata pattern in Gujarat or declare @30% of intake seats fixed quota for other than Gujarat Board students ( for CBSE & others)

8 If syllabus defer between Gujarat Board and CBSE then why they seats for 15% all India Quota Seats Exams. This is purely based on CBSE syllabus. Then why not hands up those parents for giving for Quota for Gujarat Board
students. Think on above and all the points and obey the NEET verdict. Only one side decision taken by the Gujarat Govt in Pro rata method. they had not hearing the voice of Parents of CBSE board students.

I humble requesting you sir please give maximum sign of yours for filing of PIL and raised your voice to ministry. If any information you need pl give your contact for further points. Also arrange to informed to VTV , ETV , Sandesh , TV9 Gujarati News chennal. any one parents need for taking of Lead for this matter.