Unscrupulous business conduct by MakeMyTrip.com

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Petitioning: MakeMyTrip.com and its associates

Petitioner: Whatever started on February 16, 2015

This petition is intended to bring fraudulent/unethical business conduct by MakeMyTrip.com to Indian Ministry of Company Affairs. The words Fraudulent/Unethical are chosen because of the following reasons.

1. When a customer's booking fails for some reason (including due to technical or other glitches with MakeMyTrip.com website), customer's money is taken to MakeMyTrip.com account and locked up for indefinite period of time.

2. When customer's follow up for refund, MakeMyTrip.com associates provide false updates to wait for 3 business days.

3. Customer's waste a lot of time looking for their refund by calling customer support at MakeMyTrip.com and by visiting MakeMyTrip.com office locations. In fact, no one at MakeMyTrip.com is knowledgeable where the customer's money is at but do an unethical business of providing false updates.

We request Ministry of Company Affairs to look into this matter and take serious legal action against these unscrupulous businesses that don't care about business conduct.