Unblock SSH port 22

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Petitioning: BSNL Broadband, Department of Telecommunications

Petitioner: Srikanth started on August 29, 2017

Since the 1st of August, 2017 BSNL India (broadband division) has blocked the internet port 22 apparently in response to a malware attack of some sort. Port 22 is an incredibly useful port to those wishing to connect to remote servers for work and developers using SSH-based secure authentication while connecting to services such as GitHub and Bitbucket. These are two specific examples of how this block has caused me inconvenience and I am certain that there are many others who can cite other examples where this block hinders their work.

The block is highly counterproductive, as evidenced by the several comments in the following forum discussion: https://broadbandforum.co/threads/bsnl-broadband-seems-to-have-blocked-ssh-port-22-on-their-network.151617/

To sum up, port 22 is a very useful port for many in the tech sector and blocking it seems like a misguided measure to deal with a potentially unrelated problem and ought to be unblocked by BSNL ASAP.