Remove the 100 SMS/day ceiling introduced by TRAI

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Petitioning: To get the 100 SMS/day ceiling removed

Petitioner: Ruppal Singh started on February 2, 2011

In view of the latest regulatory measure to reduce telemarketers disturbing the general customers, TRAI directed telecom operators to limit their cheap SMS packs to only 100 SMS/day at the most. It also has begun a new series of numbers for telemarketers, that is, 140.

We hereby would like to oppose the former change, that is of the 100 SMS/day ceiling. It is irrational to enforce such a measure. TRAI has been indifferent to the school and college going- the youth of the country in deciding such a measure.

What is more rational is to not allow a person to send messages to more than 50 or 100 numbers a day, but be able to send messages as prescribed under his/her SMS package to those 50 or 100 numbers.
To be clearer, an Airtel customer can send 500 messages a day as long as his/her recipient list does not exceed 50/100 different numbers, assuming he has the Rs. 99/month package (500 local+national messages free, daily).