Most horrible experience @ Big bazar

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Petitioner: HARAGOPAL started on January 28, 2017

Most horrible experience @ Big bazar
on 04 Dec,2016 at about 6.30pm there was NO parking placa to park my car in the place.
On shopping i had to wait at the billing as I am told that CREDIT CARD SWIPING MCHINE Sare NOt working.
as such most of the shoppers including me found it difficult and there was CHAOS and i had to waste half an hour at the billing desk. and pay cash (Even there was NO change for Rs2000/- note at the billing desk)
Even on 01 Dec 2016 around noon I faced difficulty in parking as the entrance was completely blocked by auto rikshaws.
At the reception Rs 2000/- cash is NOT made available (though widely advertised in the Press) against debit cardd.
I had to visit the Big bazar as a loyal customer and to usiny g PAY BACK BIG BAZAR 2000 rs card I express my
Concern and DEMAND FOR SUITABLE COMPENSATION NOT LESS THAN RS 2500/(Cash/ Bigbazar card/ Payback points /vouchers etc )- for the Physical HARDSHIP & mental agony i suffered due to Unfair practice which also amounts to deficiency in service as per Consumer protection Act 1986.
Till the Greivance is properly addressed i have decided NOT TO PATRONIZE and If NOT resolved within 3 days I reserve my RIGHT as a consumer to highlight in the same on online Consumer fora & if necessary I SHALL FILE CONSUMER COMPLAINT FOR THE REDRESSAL OF THE GRIEVANCE IN THE CONSUMER COURT