Internet Speed in India

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Petitioning: Internet Speed in India

Petitioner: Amit Jadhav started on November 9, 2014

Name:- Amit Jadhav
Date : 11th - November - 2014
Project about Internet Speed in India and in Foreign.

Hello respected Authorities,
I want to say something related to the Internet. So, I am directly coming to the point. Look at where are India and where are other countries when it comes to the Internet. Do you know that India is the country who have slowest Internet Speed in in whole Asia Pacific Region? Yes this is true. According to the company named “Akamai Technology" , India have the slowest Internet Speed in Asia Specific with an average Internet Speed of 1.7 MBps. Just search about it on Google.

Link :-

Do you know what is the Internet Speed in Foreign Countries? I have some friends from USA, Spain and Canada. So, I asked them what Internet Speed you have and how much you are paying for it? You will wonder by listening this, they said, they are paying $35 this means Rs.2100 for 20 -25MBps with no FUP (Fair Usage Policy). I asked my 4 friends abroad and they are paying average $35 for 15-20 MBps.

And now look what is the condition here India. I have BSNL Broad Band, and I am paying $13 = Rs.900/- for the 512 KBps which means not even 1 MBps Internet Connection. I understand that those countries are developed countries but why they developed? Because they have access to best quality technology like their high speed internet.

Also, today we see lots of companies are advertising about their 3G. Well I think the company should tell the customer what is the speed their 3G service is providing. Because if you search the speed of 3G then you going to aware that what really the 3G service means. Also they says that its unlimited. But its not truly unlimited due to FUP, your speed will decrease after certain amount of downloads.

If this continues this will harm the development of India as its the most Important way of the Communication Service every country must have.

So, at last I will say to our Government of India, please look in to this matter.

Thank You

Amit Jadhav

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