Ban businesses whose sole purpose is to cheat general public

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Petitioning: Manas Hosting, a bangalore based company

Petitioner: Mohammed Ismail started on March 24, 2015

The company Manas Hosting, offer very cheap packages for hosting, websites etc. The sales team of the company calls customers again and again with new offers and promises to provide the solution within 24 hours. The prices are 10 to 20 times lower when compared to other competitors of the company. The sales team follow the customers till the customer makes the payment. Thats it... Once payment is done, they entire team of Manas Hosting starts showing their true face. Now they dont provide you solution even after 25 days. When you call they gives 100s of excuses e.g. internet is not working, technical person is on lunch, they are in meeting, give me 2 mins or 10 mins or 30 mins we will call (but no one calls), always ask same technical questions knowingly to confuse the customer. When ask about manager they say he is not available. Actually the company have employed only 2 to 5 people who are just making fool to customers. Later when I check on internet it is found that the company has been cheating a lot of customers. I paid them 9000+ and they promised a solution within 24 hours but it is now 25 days and there is no solution. My websites are not working from one month, email IDs are not working, we are unable to market and all this is happening because of those people just collecting money and not fulfilling promises made to customers. The technical team ask to call billing team, billing team tell to call technical person, and sales team tell to call technical or billing person. they just rotate this issue. When we call them more than 2 times in a day then they stop receiving the call and sometimes put on voice mail. When we ask strictly they just cut the calls
My Request:
1) Companies should take that much work only which their team can handle. Either the company is cheating or might have taken so much work that unable to serve them properly.
2) The company does not have direct solution, like we cant able to talk managers
3) The offers are two low, which may mean 100s or 1000s of people may be getting into the trap of the company
4) They hold the issue as it is and may wait until customer himself stop calling them