Regarding a Complaint against a Fraud Company and his Master Mind.‏

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Petitioning: I want such fraud biz. should stop and its people must face the consequenses.

Petitioner: Singh started on October 7, 2015

Dear Sir/Ma'm,...

A boy named Raneet Acharya, (Address: - 212, Debai Pukur Road, Hindmotor,(p.s- Uttarpara) Hoogly- W.b). Whose business is to attract investors in the name of dummy company, and show them false dreams about the doubling of amount in just 2-3 months in his tech support process, but the thing is that he actually runs a scam and cheats peoples in the name of providing tech support to US,UK, etc,. Let me clarify you about his business process:

1. He does a fraud process of tech support and gets the money inflow from other countries by the help of payment gateways.

2. He makes outbound calls to peoples in US,UK etc in the name of microsoft/Talk-talk/British telecom and says people to put money in his website or otherwise they will face problems with computers/ipad/Tablet etc.

3. Even in most cases he uses the words like "he wanna actually refund some amount to his/her bank accounts, thats y he asks for a/c details and completes the transactions via western union portal" and says that he is doing charity for Nepal earthquakes victims and makes foreigners pay to his website.

4. Moreover he further circulates the phone number of those people (who have paid him already by fear of loosing their computers) to other guys in his group so as to cut them again in the name of refunds.

5. All this he does without any fear/license, etc. and even is ruining the name indian software companys in international market. If you will atleast inquire on his laptops you will find whole the details of dialing/innocent People numbers (as leads)/Gateways info/his contacts with others....etc.

Initially he made me to invest in a project of his, but when i came to know that his plans are not good and biz. is illegal, i immidietly took actions to stop him, and When I tried to expose him, he forced me to leave the city allegedely and even threatened me,, and even forcefully, he made me write that i dont owe any money from him in any form, but i have evidences that shows that he wanted me to invest in a dummy company and his plans was to flew away with all and show me all in the form of loss,,Similarly, he alongwith his friends is continuing this very process now also, and his main concept is: get investors.>tell them to double the amt> run a false biz. with tech support even> makes the money 10X > flew away with all .

Please consider the matter, as its not only me, but he has looted many hundreads of people in and outside India and the count is still on...he roams freely in country,n makes peoples fools through his tricks.

Thanks & Regards