Lets join to free internet from Unconstituional government regulations

  4 (Goal: 500,000)

Petitioning: Information and broadcasting Ministry

Petitioner: Er.Subho started on September 19, 2015

The government servants have started being autocratic in nature. Instead of concentrating on development and good governance they are moving more towards moral policing and banning whatever they think they do not like. For instance just because the government is afraid of a guy who is doing an unjustified and undemocratic fight over reservation, the Gujarat government has started banning internet, which not only unconstitutional but regressive. why should common citizens suffer for the misdeeds of any person or group or organization. They don't ban plastic though it causes cancer, they don't ban criminal MLAs though they threaten common man, they don't ban people driving on wrong side of roads or neither hospitals overcharging for simple care or doodhwals for they adulterate milk and dairy products in all over India. So pls come together to save our country form these uncivilized culture of "BANS" or we shall top the charts over China, Russia, Pakistan, UAE, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan.