Adda52 Big Scam

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Petitioning: Fight against the Scam of Adda52, a blackhole for people's Hard earned money

Petitioner: Abhishek started on April 6, 2018

There are many people in the country who suffer from no employment or less paid jobs, but the sad story is that these people often become a target for looters. There is such a website named which let people play gamble with the money and their life on the name of Poker. this is one of the fraud website which has looted millions of money from their users on the name of playing skill based online game Poker and Rummy. I know many people are going through deep stress and frustration because of continuously losing abundance of their wealth on this website. Generally people in the age of 20 to 30 are most vulnerable target for this website.

this site has rigged software and it let people to invest more and more in the hope of winning someday. But this is not a genuine platform for people. it sucks out the money how hard and good player you are in Poker. This website has played with the life of many people and if it would be continuously operated in India, soon it ll be responsible for many youths come under the dark shadow of this website and this ll create a bad consequences for the future of great India.

I request people to kindly review the people's opinion about this website on various social media platforms and help me to shut their door for always and good future of many youths. I urge Indian government also to look into the matter and help people not to loose their wealth and life expectancy in this fraud website.