urgent need for cow protection in india

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Petitioning: GOVT OF INDIA, Tirumala devastahanams

Petitioner: PRABHA SHARMA started on October 3, 2016

The pathetic condition of cows in India is evident from small towns to large cities. While bulls have streets as their homes, cows whether heavily pregnant roam the streets and male calves separated from their mothers at time of birth. The misfortune looms with their searching for food in the filthiest of garbage bins, eating plastic defeacies of humans, left on streets in rash traffic, and brave the harshest of weather conditions of our country.

If this was not all, the topping in the story is that they are picked up for slaughter wither in local slaughterhouses, or better still transported to Bangladesh while travelling half the nation and not a soul, the police, state or central governments comes to resue them. The horrific death that they succumb to is summarised by the transport conditions, tearing of skin while alive, putting boiling water on them, keeping them hungry and thirsty for number of days, and then slitting their throat till death comes when a river of blood has passed of our mother through a foreign country's streets.

Is India so poor that it cannot provide a right to live of a mother that provides them milk. Can this country not provide a male calf a few months affection from his mother and her milk. Cannot this country provide it's own cattle a right to live, protection via legislation for ban on cow slaughter, shelter houses that will provide them a decent means of living with food, water, safety, veterinary doctor services, and most important why can India not stop it's own mother being sold to bangladesh and it'[s slaughter houses.

If this smuggling is curbed not only India shall attain it's original glory, with milk, medicines from cow dung and urine but also it shall save the pride of this country's culture that inculcates the fact any resident of this country irrespective of religion has to respect. The culture of this soil is that it is a land of cow protectors, and any one who holds right to drink milk, has te duty to protect cow mother.

Since state governments are unsupporting in the matter of making cow shelters barring a few states, the central government states that it is not their purview, hindu religious institutions os Tirumala Tirupati should come forward to making cattle shelters all over the country. This can be collaborated with other rich trusts as saibaba sansthan, vaishno devi trus, siddhivinayak temple trust and others.

the govt also take gold from churches, gurudwaras and dargahs. Since India is a secular country the gold of hindu temples cannot be used for public of secular dimensions. The hindu temples must only support hindu dharma subjects, the cow being the most revered and most despised being in a most pathetic state of affairs.