Take care of parents and dependent (brother and sister)

  1 (Goal: 50)

Petitioning: Sons as well as Daughter should take care of their parents when they become old.

Petitioner: Deepak Bajpai started on April 20, 2017

Old parents face many problems when they become old and son deny to take care of them. Even of their illness son don't think about them. Actually I am facing same problem. My mother is heart patient and my sister is elder than me. Both are my dependent. My sister did not get married because of family responsibilities after death of my father. She looked after me my 2nd sister and my sick mother. I done my b tech because of her and got job in Indian railways. I got married in 12february 2016.After marriage my wife and my in laws want to not to spent money on my sick mother and my elder sister. So she left my home and went to her parents house. They said when you will agree to our condition, they will send my wife to me. There are many wishes of my mother and also mine after marriage. I am 34 years old and I have no child. So sir there should be a strict rule for son and daughter in law to take care of their parents.