Stop High bass Dolby Sound Systems in Solapur

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Petitioning: Stop High bass Dolby Sound Systems in Solapur

Petitioner: Sushma Kattimani started on September 5, 2017

This petition is to stop High bass Dolby Sound Systems used during Marriages and other social functions in Solapur.
It has become a trend to use this high bass Dolby sound system in Solapur.
It causes vibrations in houses hospitals and other buildings.
Old people,Cardiac patients,small children and animals are more prone to it.
This may cause serious health problems.
The vibrations caused by Dolby sound system is also harming the buildings as cracks can b seen over the walls of many houses.
According to Indian law we have right to lead a peaceful life..but the nuisance caused by the sound doesn't allow our children to study or sleep.
This is also affecting the studies of children.
Moreover it's a mental torture.
I request everyone to sign this and support in bringing down this loud sound speakers nuisance.