OBC certificate

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Petitioning: SDM Office Punjabi Bagh

Petitioner: Rajita started on May 13, 2017

Good Morning sir
I am single parent my husband is P.O. (public offender)in one of the criminal case. Since 2012 we haven't seen him.My in laws did not allow me to stay in their house.since then I along with my minor daughter living with my parents.sir I belong to OBC category with video certificate issued OBC/03/31/10245/27/10/2009/8931009750
I went to SDM Office for making my daughter's OBC certificate. But they denied in a sense of fathers papers. I want to now my daughter is living with me since 2011 when she was four years old.she has the right to get OBC certificate or not.we are really deserving of the certificate to avail the Services offered by government.
Kindly Help
This is my child's right to get OBC certificate.
In hope of immediate corporation
Thank you