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Petitioning: Petition to reglement the use of fireworks.

Petitioner: Judith Jantine Sciarone started on November 1, 2016

What are the benefits of fireworks? No really, name one...

Tens of people are severely wounded/killed and thousands of animals are killed, wounded and intensely traumatised each year during the Diwali season in New Delhi.
Fireworks are stored haphazardly, causing fantastic environmental and social health hazards.

It appears incredibly dichotomous to implement alternative driving days, to promote recycling and ban the burning of household waste only to have all those good intentions litteraly pulverised into fine particle pollution during one week.

We call upon you, our elected city government, to protect your citizens, our health and future by implementing serious regulations in order to drastically diminue and ideally ban the private use of fireworks.

People who live in New Delhi either are born and bread Dilliwallas or have chosen to be here. For us who have chosen this city, we chose her for her diversity and beauty, for her heartstopping monuments and boundless opportunities. We pack ourselves into peak hour metros and deal with the outdated infrastructure. We filter our water and buy house plants with air filtering properties.
We understand the sheer size of the city's territory and population is both its greatest asset and challenge.
What we do not choose is for our health and that of our lived ones to be seriously damaged by the unconscious use of intensely polluting substances.

This is one aspect that can and should be reglemented by you, out elected officials.