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Petitioning: The perverted, ill minded people who hide behind CULTURAL ETHICS to molest.

Petitioner: Aryan started on February 26, 2018

A girl has all rights to walk around the streets of any place in this country atleast irrespective of the fact that she be from north eastern part of the nation.
Eve teasing, discriminating, prekudism was tolerable.
But, throwing ballons filled of semen on a girl, I mean seriosuly? These are our ethics, manners, culture and social integrity.
This petition is being filed for looking up for some action against the incident of throwing balloon filled up of semen on a girl at a public area by any anonymous identity. She had regularly being mocked due to her "not so indian" facial features, as decided by the society and now this.
This is intolerable and must be looked into for straight action against the people involved in this harsh and dark reality. Please just take a moment and pray for this country and show your support so as to wipe off these kind of people for the social benefit and make this nation a better place to reside.
For more information check the instagram handle @toli_yes