Implementation of Minimum wages act

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Petitioning: To ensure minimum wage 20000 rupees per month in the private sector

Petitioner: Hrushikesh Nimbalkar started on February 6, 2017

The petition is for ensuring the minimum wages for private sector employees. As we can see not only in the rural area but also in metro cities like Pune , Mumbai employees are paid very less salary. May it 10000 or 12000 per month. In such low salary an employee can not fulfill the necessary household needs. Wheather it may be education of children, hospitalization of any family member or any contingent liability. On the other hand the government employee who is going to get minimum salary 18000 rupees per month after implementation of 7th pay commission. This may lead in creation of rift between the average employee in private sector and his similar counter part in government sector. So i request to Prime minister of India Narendra Modi sir, all the high courts across India and Supreme court of India to look into the matter and pass the minimum wages act to ensure evéry employee in private sector for his justiceful demand of 20000 rupees minimum salary per month.