Equality to the people

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Petitioning: Untouchability, gender discrimination

Petitioner: Mel started on June 17, 2017

As we know India is a developing country. But still we can find many reason that can stop India from developing. Main thing Untouchability, untouchability was practiced due old era but this new era where people are to considered equal this will help in the development of the country. Going back to the same practice or bring the same practice in to effect now wont help in the development of the country. The current government is taking the advantage of the people and bring discrimination between people which the people are not considering it as a warning. If this rule and practice is not put to stop, im sure India will go back to old practices of caste system, which is still in practiced. BJP Government is try to take away the freedom of the people. Now there is Tax for everything in India. But the Government dont have tax. we choose the government for not imposing tax to people but to serve them. Lets us stand united and get our freedom back.