Delhi Metro to be functional 24X7

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Petitioning: Safety for all citizens

Petitioner: Another Indian started on November 27, 2017

With the crime rate shooting up in Delhi with every passing day, it has become the need of the hour to come out and work on it. The "chalta hai" attitude amongst us Delhiites need to be seriously given a second thought. Today, nobody has the time to think about the city's state and notorious reputation throughout the world. Delhi everyday faces Crime against people, specially women. The problem lies with us, we have increased our level of tolerance so much, that unless the situation does not get worse, we continue to do away with it. Unfortunately, when we realise about our ignorance, it is too late. Talking about the change I am asking to bring about as a Delhiite is in the DMRC. I am currently residing in the United States, and one positive thing about the trains in the metropolitan cities like New York is that they are functional 24X7.

With the Delhi metro being so convenient and safe for all of us, it will be great if it is made functional 24X7. This way, we can curb the crime against women who return late at night and don't have any other option with them but to use a cab/taxi.

I think it is high time for all of us to think about this and do something for our city. Change begins with each one of us.

I really hope this message reaches the concerned authorities and they take the necessary actions as soon as possible.
Thank you.