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Petitioner: Sangita Kansal started on June 17, 2017

I am British Asian and I have a simple and straight forward criminal/property matter in Haryana. Yet it is beset with the most extreme and ugly corruption. The DGP Haryana has had my file for almost a year and has not filed an FIR or disclosed the fraud, and neither has Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA).

Despite emails from me, Transparency International and the Ministry of External Affairs the authorities are not disclosing the fraudulent and illegal transfer of the plot. Even PM Modi tried to help and so did Keeran Bedi. 1 million pounds of property is at stake in total including 2 other houses . 15 of my lawyers have been suspiciously silenced and over 17 other ordinary people who simply needed to file an application under the Right to Information Act to HUDA/DGP in order to unveil the evidence of the fraud.

All of my communication is intercepted and if I ever come to India my life would be in danger. A strong TV channel and newspaper were going to take up my story but the local reporters did an inexplicable u turn. The people on the other side are extremely powerful and pull the strings stopping at nothing in order to prevent the fraud from being disclosed.

How can such mafia tactics be allowed in a democratic country? Where is the justice for ordinary people when they are up against the extremelyomnipotentl?

I have suffered a lot but keep on going. I am now turning to the community to help. This is not just a matter of my property case, this is a concern for all ordinary Indian citizens who are treated in the same abysmal manner. The Indian Government must help me and all of us.